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Herefordshire Housing ltd (HHL) believe that everyone should have choice and access to high quality homes, services and support which meet their needs, and which help and encourage them to achieve their goals and ambitions.  HHL work together – with their customers and colleagues – to deliver this aim. 

In late 2012, a series of workshops were conducted with employees from across HHL, with a view to identifying the unique qualities which defined their organisation’s culture. These workshops revealed a strong belief in teamwork, customer service and user involvement, which were developed into four key values:


Taking the first letter from each word (Respect, Involve, Support, Exceed), these RISE values reflect HHL’s commitment to raising standards, rising to challenges and improving as an organisation. The challenge was to capture and reflect these in a photoshoot which represented HHL’s work.

The photography

Advertising contractors Brand Think and Nathan Cole Visual Communications commissioned NewmanZander’s unique creative style and team approach. Working with both static and moving image, NewmanZander worked on location for 2 days to generate an extensive suite of ‘reportage’ style imagery covering all aspects of HHL’s work – including care, property developments, home maintenance and support for independent living.

Production responsibilities for this case study

•    Production timing plan call sheets, risk assessments, conference meetings and solutions

•    18 case studies hero location shots involving large groups of people

•    Approximately 2000 energy lifestyle images of select areas including working shots and maintenance

•    approximately 100 Gigabytes of story telling and real life video footage






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