Sto “i know sto”

Agency: Alive

Art director: Graeme Longstaff

photographer: Isaac Newman


I know Sto

Building customer engagement for a leading UK brand.

Alive agency asked Isaac to create an interesting lighting style using yellow for their new advertising campaign.

First stage of STO’s attention- grabbing marketing campaign devised by creative agency Alive. Remember the Sto bucket?

Award-winning building company  STO’s objective was to engage with  applicators and main contractors as feedback received suggested that STO could be
in danger of losing some of our human touch, so STO along side Graeme Longstaff from Alive Agency worked hard to make sure STO’s relationships and  customer service lives up to the quality of our product.

The first stage of STO’s campaign was the memorable Sto bucket mailer sent to all of STO’s applicators to re-introduce their local
Sto contact. Following STO launched a new advertising campaign, with the first adverts appearing in Construction News, highlighting the relationships with some of STO’s key customers.

To give a greater air of confidence key messaging was delivered in first person and underpinned with heritage stories and brand USPs. This resulted in increased customer closeness and greater attachment between the brand and its customer base.





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