How we work

Background & Approach

With the photographic and creative industry taking on a more fluid approach both Isaac and Zander decided
to change their approach and form a photographic team which gives potential clients a combined 10 years
of commercial experience. That gives our clients twice the ideas, twice the experience and twice the quantity of work.

The Benefit to You

As well as wanting great creative product we are acutely aware that our clients expect added value for relatively
tight budgets. That’s where the N&Z team come into play. After production and set up costs for any shoot
we all want to extract as much useable material as possible from the initial outlay. With Isaac’s eye for a great
hero shot and Zander’s eye for composition combined with his free shooting style, you will end up with a whole bank of quality photography with a few surprise shots you weren’t expecting.

 Technology has changed over the last 6 years and has opened the door to very different approaches to creative briefs. Image sensitivity has become faster, with more portable 35mm cameras having paved the way in creating a higher quantity of controlled creative images, using more available light and less clutter light shaping tools. Hero shots can be achieved far quicker, resulting in more time being spent satelliting each scenario and delivering more insightful sincere viewpoints.