The People


An editorial/advertising photographer born in Maastricht, The Netherlands. Using his European mainland heritage in terms of style and composition, Zander looks to find sincerity in his work, capturing vulnerability without losing the powerful energy within his subjects. Prior to going solo, Zander gained a wealth of experience and an excellent understanding in customer service by working for Mercedes-Benz Europe, exceeding the expectations of customers, before moving to the UK to assist numerous London based photographers (2000-2009). Currently, Zander lives in the UK, and has received commissioned work in both the UK and the Benelux, with clients including Amey Plc, KPMG, Brammer, Lancaster University and FLP Worldwide.


A lifestyle/advertising photographer from the UK. His style contains vibrant and colourful imagery, incorporating genuine film techniques in a digital world, focussing on real people in a unique storing telling way. Isaac left university at the age of nineteen to work with numerous above the line photographers taking him to places such as Paris, America and India. Isaac set out on his own in 2000, receiving commissions to work for a variety of advertising agencies and publications. Some of these included the launch of Martell Cognac with TBWA (New York) , Volvo (Both Silver Award London International Awards) and Sony Ericson. Isaac has developed a direct approach, including excellent production values, fully understanding clients’ creative goals and deadlines essential in modern day photography.