Having commissioned NewmanZander on a large project for a major FTSE 100 client, I have nothing but praise for their ability to achieve tremendous results. 

Without doubt one of the, if not the best photography team I have worked with, this particularly demanding brief would stretch the limitations of any team, but they achieved outstanding results that both the client and I were delighted with. 
Terrific colleagues and now friends, I wouldn’t hesitate in commissioning them in the future. November, 2011
Gary Chambers, Senior Designer.

Gary Chambers, design production manager @ Merchant Cantos



“I’ve worked with both Isaac and Zander for over 15 years and there is no one in the industry that puts so much into each and every brief that I’ve thrown their way. They are both adaptable, versatile thorough and more importantly highly creative. Both Zander and Isaac will always want to give you the best creative product possible whatever the scale of shoot or budget. Give them a call and I guarantee they will take your project onto a whole new level and you’ll be more than happy with the results.

Conrad Welch, Head or Art @ at B-Street London

“The brilliant thing about working with Newman Zander (Isaac and Zander) is that not only are they great photographers, but they’re also really adept at putting the whole package together: From finding props, to sourcing models and hunting out great locations. 

In short, they’re a one stop shop of photographic excellence.

In short, they’re the Phil and Kirsty of photography.

In short, they’re a really useful team to have at your disposal

Steve Buckland, Art Director @ Brey Leino